Un Finished Object Blog Hop #2

By | May 1, 2017

Hello Everyone!    This has been a doozy of a month.   I completed my piece for the TOHO Beads Challenge. (It’s pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself, but I can’t show it off until next month.)   I taught 2 big classes, and I participated in the Stutz Artists Association Annual Open House, which is my biggest show of the year.   In between all that I somehow managed to make 6 new necklaces, 40 pairs of earrings, and I knit a shawl out of sock weight yarn! (The shawl still needs to be blocked, but I’ll post a picture soon.)   This didn’t leave much time for the old UFO drawer.    But still progress was made.

I’m pretty sure this is what the inside of my brain looks like at the moment…


Two of the six necklaces that I made were technically UFOs.   Last fall I made several sets of beaded beads from a Diane Fitzgerald class last summer.  I had intended to turn them into necklaces for last fall’s shows, but they got put into a box and forgotten.   I pulled them out a few weeks ago, and realized why they had been relegated to the box.   They are long, so they don’t drape as nicely as I had hoped.  But I am pleased with how they turned out. The set pictured here is strung with vintage lucite beads and some mahogany obsidian.   I still have two sets to string.  I might experiment with hanging the other ones vertically.

Diane-Beaded-Bead-Necklace-Close-up Diane-Beaded-Bead-Necklace-aqua-brown

I also made some progress on a freeform peyote bracelet that has been sitting in the drawer for years.  It’s not finished yet, but it’s closer than it was.  I pulled it out yesterday, thinking it just needed a clasp, but really, it needs a little something else, and I didn’t have quite the right button.  Maybe this one will be finished next time.

Here is the before:


And here is what it looks like now:

Freeform-Citrus-BraceletIt’s getting better but not quite there yet.  I think it needs more embellishment, but I’m not sure what.

Yesterday I was a total zombie after the whole crazy month and having spent the last two days working the show, so I needed something low key to work on.  I pulled out a half finished crocheted rope that I started several years ago.   I thoughtfully left the pattern with the piece, but it took a few minutes to sort out exactly what I was doing.   I cut the finished portion of the rope from the spool, and strung 4 36 row repeats of the pattern, which should give me the same length on the other side.    I decided I would make the rope in two pieces, and add a focal bead in the center.  This seems like it gives me more design options.   I tried to start crocheting it last night, but I think I have the wrong sized hook.   Lately I have been crocheting with smaller cord, so I switched to a smaller hook, and that wasn’t working.  Need to dig out the other hook which is probably buried in the ufo drawer somewhere.   I’m hoping I will be able to find a cool focal bead at the Bead and Button Show in June.

Crochet-rope-in-progress crochet-pattern

For the next deadline, I hope to tackle one of my big UFOs.   May is traditionally UFO month in my studio. I like to finish up a few projects before I head to Bead and Button and come home with more unfinished projects…

I hope the rest of you have had more success with your UFOs.  I look forward to cruising through the list to see what everyone has been working on.


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KarenWilliams on May 1, 2017 at 10:17 PM.

You have been soo very, very busy! Congrats on everything you accomplished in May, including your UFO. I like the mix of materials you used for your necklace – it really works well with the beaded beads.

Oh, and I loved your first picture – I think that’s a pretty good depiction of my brain recently, too. :)


francie on May 2, 2017 at 2:42 PM.

Thanks. It has definitely been bananapants crazy around here. I’m looking forward to a slightly mellower pace and more time to think. It always seems the busier I get the messier my studio gets. This week will definitely involve some cleaning!

Bead Contagion on May 2, 2017 at 2:17 AM.

The freeform peyote is coming along so nicely. It’s fun to see the progress. The right button will fall into your hands. I suspect you will know it immediately when you see it. The bracelet is a beautiful ray of sunshine.

I think the long beaded beads hang quite well. The beads you paired them with are a great match. I’ll be interested to see how it works out hanging the next set vertically.

Ohhhh Toho Bead Challenge. Can’t wait to see it! Good Luck!!!

francie on May 2, 2017 at 2:46 PM.

Thank you. One would think, with two shoe boxes full of buttons, the right one would be in there, but nope. You are right, though, the right one will come along, eventually. It’s definitely a summery blast of color.

It always amazes me that with ten kabillion beads in my stash, I never have just the right one for certain projects. The other two sets of beaded beads are bright colors, limes and oranges. Even though I have lots of those colors, I need bigger beads than the ones I have. I guess I need to start my Bead and Button shopping list now…

antiquitytravelers on May 6, 2017 at 4:01 PM.

Here you are! I think I had the wrong link for you. I can see you’ve been very busy over at your place …. and yes I think that is what the inside of my brain looks like! especially when I’m looking down at my bead table :)

So many beautiful pieces you are working on, and those beaded beads are stunning!

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