The Making of a Challenge Piece Part 6

By | June 24, 2017

Fancy photos were taken before sending the piece off to the TOHO folks.  We even took a few of me wearing the piece.    Then the piece was boxed up and sent off 2 day air.   All set to arrive in plenty of time for the deadline.  Or so I thought…headdress-13 headdress-16 headdress-6 headdress-4


I checked in a few days after sending the piece to make sure it arrived safely.   I never received a response.  Life got busy and I just assumed that all was well.   A few weeks later I checked again.  This time I received a response saying that my piece hadn’t been received!   ACK!  Insert all sorts of expletives here.  A tense 15 minutes of googling found that my piece had been sitting in the Boise post office for the last 28 days.   ARGH!  A few panicked emails, and my piece was picked up by the Starman folks the next day.   Less than a month before it is to be displayed at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee.

I was greatly relieved to finally see it on display with it’s counterparts.   Everyone else’s pieces were delightful, and I was clearly not the only one who found the color selection challenging.    The other entries can be found on the TOHO facebook page here.Headdress-on-Display-1 Headdress-on-Display-2

Well, that mostly concludes the saga of how to make a challenge piece.   Now the pieces will be on display at the TOHO Glass Village/ Glass Museum for the next year.    I won’t see it again until next year’s Bead and Button Show, unless someone wants to send me to Japan… :)  All in all it was a great experience.  It certainly stretched me out of my comfort zone in many ways.  I learned a lot, and look forward to making some more big show pieces in the future.    Hopefully I will be invited back again some  other year.

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